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Let BOS handle prospecting, contacts, marketing, enquiries, quoting and orders. All in one integrated system.

No matter how sleek and sophisticated your estimating, production and accounting systems are, if your MIS or ERP system doesn’t have a strong sales focus, it is ineffective.

QuickEasy BOS incorporates all the functionality required to perpetuate and manage your Sales processes.

Accurate estimates.


Advantage in the bidding war

Get the competitive advantage with fast, accurate quotations. If you quote too low, you lose money, if you quote too high, you don’t get the job. So how do you know what to quote?

With QuickEasy:

  • Estimating, especially for complex manufactured jobs, is the core on which QuickEasy was built. It’s what we do best!
  • Powerful functionality enables you to set up costing models in a quick and easy way.
  • Once the model has been setup you simply capture the specification of the job and QuickEasy instantly and automatically produces:
    • A list of all the materials required to manufacture the job
    • An ordered list of services
    • A neatly generated Quote Description
    • A technical specification for the Workticket
  • Increase revenue with accurate pricing.
  • Always cover costs (even hidden ones) so your bottom line is improved.
  • Job history provides more insight on previous jobs so you can quote even more accurately on time, expenses and materials.
  • Save on expenses estimator salaries as the system does all the think-work for you.
  • Allocate your team resources efficiently.

Prospecting and improved conversion rates.


Keep leads hot

Prospective customers can be obtained in various ways: cold calling, e-mailing, events, etc. If a prospect is not ready to order now, maintaining contact and keeping them aware of your products means they may be ready to become a customer in the future.

Sending out a quote is not the final stage of prospecting. Keep hot leads, hot with ease!

With QuickEasy BOS:

  • Stay in the loop: contact records are linked to customers.
  • Easily-accessible information on the database that everyone can use, even when the sales staff leave.
  • Follow-up reminders mean you will never miss another follow-up again.

Increase sales conversions

Follow up on quotations is equally important:

  • Perhaps you misinterpreted the specification.
  • Maybe you came in too high on price initially, and want the option to offer a more competitive price.
  • The customer might only be ready to place an order next month.

Without following up on quotes, you lose the opportunity to convert leads into sales.

With QuickEasy BOS:

  • Easily create reminders that are linked to your quotations.
  • Chart your sales pipeline through your customised sales statusses.
  • No more micro-managing needed! Your sales reps are prompted to follow up on a quote until the quote is accepted or rejected.
  • Wondering why your quotes are being rejected? Reasons for losing quotes are linked to rejected quotations to guide management on how to become more competitive

CRM and marketing.


Customer love

It all starts with the customer. It’s vital for the health of your sales cycle to maintain updated customer information and your contact history.

With QuickEasy BOS:

  • Maintain unlimited customer and contact records.
  • Use only the information that your company sees as vital for healthy CRM with customised user fields.
  • Find customer information easily.
  • Easy reporting with grouping and categories

Stay top-of-mind

Marketing creates favourable awareness of your products and services to prospective customers. Do it effectively and your sales pipeline will always be full.

With QuickEasy BOS:

  • Now you can send personalised bulk e-mails to clients and prospects in your sales cycle.
  • Use built-in workflows to manage your marketing campaigns.
  • Increase revenue by keeping your customers aware of your offering.
  • Save on marketing costs by using built-in functionality

Take payment.


Point of sale

When your company does over-the-counter sales, you need dedicated software that enables staff to quickly capture and process sales.

With QuickEasy BOS:

  • The touchscreen PoS application can run on any operating system.
  • Reduce errors: users add items from a lookup list, by scanning barcodes or typing in a custom description.
  • Take all payment types: Cash, card, EFT, cheque, voucher and more.

 Streamline your sales

Improve your bottom line.

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