Safe in the cloud

Make your business ransomware-proof

Ransomware is no longer something that happens in movies by cyber villains – it is a real and present threat for South African businesses.

What is ransomware?
Ransomware is malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or server until a sum of money is paid. This usually comes packaged in an harmless-looking email, but once activated all data on that server or system is cut off until the amount is paid to a specified account.

How bad is it, really?
A recent survey of 500 businesses revealed that nearly half of these businesses were brought to a standstill by a ransomware attack within the last 12 months.

With 85% of organisations admitting to suffering three or more attacks in a year, it is imperative that businesses have a robust disaster recovery and back-up plan in place.

With the recent worldwide attack affecting 200,000 in one swoop, the threat is no longer something we can ignore.

How can businesses protect themselves?

  1. User education: Ensure your team only opens safe emails, and avoids risque websites while using company computers.
  2. Updated systems: Ensure your servers and software are up to date.
  3. Host in the cloud: Cloud hosting is fast becoming the norm as more businesses opt to use cloud-based computing to operate, and with good reason. Offering robust security plus daily off-site back-ups while still remaining affordable and scaleable, cloud hosting is the solution that business owners have been desperately seeking.

Our BOSCloud option offers:

  1. Beefy security – BOSCloud is hosted in HostAfrica’s data centre. “Security at our data centre is paramount,” says Michael Osterloh, founder and MD of HostAfrica, a growing cloud hosting company based in Cape Town. “This is the real deal. High tech security safeguards our hardware, and aggressive software security measures keeps the integrity of data sound, so you don’t have to worry about losing data or connectivity.”
  2. Daily auto backups – You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, without the huge insurance bill and disaster recovery plan that most small to medium-sized companies find difficult to afford. Your data is backed up off-site on the Cloud servers, giving you constant assurance and access to your business’s most recent data.

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