Operations cycle

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Operations cycle overview.

This cycle allows you to plan ahead efficiently, eliminating guesswork and keeping you abreast of your costs and figures.

It all starts when an order is placed, and ends when production is complete.

QuickEasy BOS is easily customised to meet the varying operational requirements of companies in all business sectors.

This cycle can also include workflows and transactions that are not part of the daily business cycle, for example Product Development.

QuickEasy BOS covers everything you need to efficiently manage your production, staff and inventory, to consistently meet deadlines and manage your investment.

Accurate estimating.


Accurate cost estimating

Quick and accurate cost estimating is an important requirement for companies that produce custom products or deliver custom services.

The QuickEasy estimate types can be configured for use in Manufacturing, Construction, Functions, Services, Installations, etc.

Once an estimate type has been configured, users only need to input a job specification from which a list of Services and Materials (BoM) will be generated.

  • A quote letter, cost sheet and a workticket can also be created from the completed quotation.
  • Multiple items and quantities can be estimated and priced individually on one quotation.
  • No duplication of information is required. The quotation includes all the information required to create the downstream transactions:
    • Sales orders,
    • Work orders,
    • Purchase orders,
    • Delivery notes and
    • Invoices.
  • Restrict users to the input screen and selling prices.
  • Enable sales reps to do their own estimating and quoting.

Clarity on work in progress.


WIP overview

QuickEasy BOS is mostly used by companies with a complex operations cycle, which means the sales order and work in progress functionality is an important part of their management information system.

Downstream transactions are restricted according to how the sales order items are resolved:

  • An item that is to be issued from stock, can only be copied to a goods issue transaction.
  • An item that needs to be purchased, can only be copied to a purchase order.
  • An item that needs to be produced, can only be copied to a work order.

With QuickEasy BOS

  • When a customer’s credit limit is checked, QuickEasy checks outstanding invoices as well as work that is in progress.
  • Order processing can be blocked if an overdue or overdrawn account is suspended.
  • Work in progress can be tracked from start to finish using Status changes.
  • Part deliveries and invoices are easy to manage.
  • Checks are in place to ensure that every job gets fully delivered and invoiced.

Touch screen job tracking.


Capture production data

The QuickEasy job tracker provides a touch-screen interface for capturing production data from the factory floor.
The data captured can be extracted in reports to measure the productivity of cost centres and operators.

It also provides the information to ensure that estimated hours stay in line with actual production hours.

With QuickEasy BOS job tracking

  • The QuickEasy planning board is updated live by the job tracker.
  • Feature-rich touchscreen interface for quick operator input and visual feedback.
  • Notes can be added to timekeeping records.
  • Information like meter readings, spoils qty, qty completed, etc. can be captured.
  • Material issues can be recorded.

Production planning.


Interactive planning board

Harness the simplicity of a manual production board with the processing power of a computer with BOS’s planning board.

It ensures that your jobs are delivered on time while driving down overtime by keeping your production centres loaded.

With QuickEasy BOS planning board

  • Production progress information is readily available to all staff.
  • Set the latest start date for each production task in order to meet the job deadline.
  • View the cumulative hours before any task in the queue can start.
  • Know how many production hours are loaded in each work station.
  • Easy re-ordering of production tasks using drag-and-drop.
  • Live updates from the job tracker.

Control on purchasing.


Profitable purchasing

Material and outwork purchases make up the lion’s share of a company’s turnover – especially when it comes to manufacturing.

A company’s profitability is, therefore, significantly influenced by how well you buy.

With QuickEasy BOS

  • Multiple supplier prices can be linked to Items to provide price comparisons.
  • One click on an item summary gives you insight into:
    • Inventory.
    • Supplier prices.
    • Purchasing history.
  • Jam packed with functionality to track and manage outstanding purchase orders.

Visibility into stock levels.


Powerful stock and inventory management

With QuickEasy BOS you’re able to maintain and manage all the raw materials, components, finished goods and tools in your business.

With QuickEasy BOS

  • Inventory is updated automatically as you perform your daily transactions – you always know what is ‘on hand’ and what is ‘available’.
  • Tracking functionality ensures a product can be traced right back to it’s production batch including the raw materials used in the batch.
  • Image, specification and user-defined fields are available to capture all the Item’s information.
  • Multiple units of measure and conversions between the Units of Measure are supported.
  • Customer-specific Items can be linked to customers.
  • Multiple supplier prices can be linked to supplied items.
  • Multiple production methods can be linked to produced items.
  • Only items that are kept in stock are flagged as inventory items – Inventory lists are not bloated with non-stock items.
  • Multiple inventory locations are supported.
  • Replenishment is driven by ‘minimum’ and ‘re-order’ quantities. These quantities can in turn be driven by historical or projected demand, economical batch sizes and replenishment lead times – it’s up to you.



Transparent and dynamic workflow

When Transactions are copied in QuickEasy, they are automatically linked. So the sales order is linked to a quotation and the work order is linked to a sales order and so on.

In addition, QuickEasy also provides an optional workflow module where users can record all the transactions and communications related to a job, from the initial customer enquiry right up to invoicing.

With QuickEasy BOS workflow:

  • Have total clarity and control over all transactions and customer interactions at all times.
  • Link transactions, notes, files and images to the workflow.
  • Find a workflow by searching on any transaction number in the workflow.
  • Drill-down to any of the linked transactions from within the workflow.
  • Set follow-up reminders for other users. For instance, the sales rep could set a reminder for the estimator to revise a quotation or for the production manager to produce the order.

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