BOS prices

Pricing that fits your business

BOS: Jam-packed with functionality, you get more bang for your buck.


What your monthly subscription includes.

  • Immediate access to all the modules (click here to see more on what modules are included),
  • Friendly Helpdesk support,
  • Regular upgrades and improvements,
  • Paper price updates from all the regional and national paper suppliers (paper suppliers from S.A. only).
  • No long-term contracts or lock-ins.

BOS single user

ZAR825 / US$81 p/m exc VAT
  • Ideal if your business only needs one license

BOS multi-user

ZAR550 / US$54 p/m exc VAT
  • Ideal for two or more concurrent licenses

 BOS cloud prices

Be everywhere.

BOS cloud: Instant, reliable access.


What cloud hosting gives you.

  • Access your business from anywhere.
  • Easy updates and support.
  • Save on IT, hardware and insurance expenses.
  • Scale with ease.

M server

R399 p/m exc VAT
  • 1 Core processor
  • 2GB RAM

L server

R599 p/m exc VAT
  • 2 Core processor
  • 4GB RAM

XL server

R799 p/m exc VAT
  • 4 Core processor
  • 6GB RAM

XXL server

R1,099 p/m exc VAT
  • 8 Core processor
  • 8GB RAM

XXXL server

R1,699 p/m exc VAT
  • 12 Core processor
  • 8GB RAM

 On-site support and training costs

Boost your business.

BOS business consultants: Trusted, friendly support.


Genuinely committed to your success.

Our experienced business agents are experts in their fields. More than that, they are genuinely committed to your business’s success.

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, they will come to your premises to train you and your team in best business practice, and how to get the most out of your BOS software.


Call Out Rates: (excl VAT)

  • Junior Rate – R460.00 / hr
  • Senior Rate – R695.00 / hr
  • Traveling Expenses / Callout – R155

 Invest in your business

Protect your future.

Cost savings and business gains.


QuickEasy BOS is not an expense. It is an investment in the longevity of your business.

Reduce cost of staff
QuickEasy BOS radically improves efficiency, and reduces overall time to produce an accurate quote or manage admin, so you save on salary expenses, and get more productive staff.

Reduce human error

With QuickEasy BOS there is zero risk of duplication, at any point in the process, protecting your business and your investment.
Improve purchasing
Considering that a manufacturer’s purchases easily make up 40% of turnover, even a small improvement in buying causes you to recover your monthly subs, and more.
Improve lead management
If your sales rep is not capturing their leads, you will lose all their data when they leave. BOS keeps all prospects, leads and customers on your own database – locking those potential earnings forever into your business.
Improve sales and conversions
If you do not quote quickly and accurately and follow up on quotes on time,  you are losing jobs. At just one extra small job per month and you have recovered your monthly subs, and gained a happy customer.
More efficient production
Even a small improvement in production management, justifies the affordable monthly subscriptions against the streamlined and improved production capacity, and your bottom line.

 One platform for your business

Let it begin.

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