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QuickEasy Business Operating System (BOS)

BOS can be defined as the software that supports all the cycles in a business, such as Sales, Operations, Accounting and Reporting.

Sales Cycle

Your Business Operating System should have a strong focus on Sales – because without Sales your business will fail, no matter how sleek and sophisticated your estimating, production and accounting systems are.

QuickEasy BOS incorporates all the functionality required to perpetuate and manage your Sales processes.

Operations Cycle

Purchasing, Stock Control, Production Planning and Job Tracking all form part of the Operations Cycle which starts when an order is placed and ends when production is complete.

QuickEasy BOS is easily customised to provide for the varying operational requirements of companies in different business sectors.

Accounting Cycle

Keeping track of money going in and out of your business is essential to running a profitable company. Accurate accounting is vital to the success of every business and should provide business owners with a clear window into profitability and cash flow.

Reporting Cycle

An integrated business operating system that can extract important information from your database is extremely useful to have. It means essential information such as Sales Activity, Work in Progress, Receivables, Payables and Cash Flow is instantly accessible and available.

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale (PoS) is a touchscreen application suited to high-pressure environments where fast order and payment processing is required.

Job Tracking

The QuickEasy Tracker is a touchscreen application which can be used to track jobs in a factory environment, allowing users to record the Start and End times of the tasks they perform, as well as capturing related Notes and recording Quantities

Benefits of QuickEasy

Increase Sales

Manage sales better and improve customer contact with our fast, accurate quotes plus built-in follow up reminders.

Save on Staff

Free up staff resources and enjoy speedy and efficient admin, with no admin duplication. So powerful, one junior person can do it all!

Reduced Human Error

Say goodbye to lost information, missed deadlines and dropped orders. No manual copying of quotes into orders and invoicing.

Save on Purchases

Get the best price from your suppliers! Now you can compare supplier prices and purchasing history for informed decision-making.

Less Overtime

Complete clarity and control means you can manage your cost centre loading effectively. Reduced downtime means reduced overtime.

Reduce Accounting Costs

Reduce time and expense with daily automated accounting on transactions, plus auto-mailshots to follow up on any outstanding accounts.

Work from Anywhere

Now you are free to work from home, or anywhere in the world, thanks to secure hosting on the cloud.

Reduced owner Dependency

Now you are free to run your business! Your team is empowered through access to a system that works as hard as you do.

Affordable Solution

So affordable and scalable, this solution comfortably matches every business size.

QuickEasy Software Will Simplify How You Run Your Business.

Sound Good?

Which Sector Are You In?

QuickEasy Software has been designed to provide an elegant administration and management solution to a wide variety of industries.


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